Science, engineering and technology. the history and development

technologyTechnology can be referred to as the use of knowledge to manipulate craft and tools to make the life of humans easier and work more productive. It has been used to improve the life of human beings for a very long time and still affects the daily life of many day after day. With the help of engineering, technology has been able to reach greater heights today. Technology is more like the learning process and like education, technology is a continuing process with no specific date or a possibility of when it will stop. Technology first invented the wheels in the early life for example that helped man move from a point to another and then came up with the telephone and internet in the now generation that has helped a lot in the communication process. Technology has seen many gain from it, even the economy rise to the global economy while also having its fair share of negative impacts such war due to invention of weapons and pollution of the environment.

History and development.

The use of tools by the early man is a part of said Jason Hope technology and its evolution to now as the humans then used curved stones to their then environment by hunting and gathering using the stones. The curved stones was all the technology man knew back then as they were used to manipulate everything in the human life including skinning of their kills. Fire was also invented and later controlled in the early which as we know has been of an advantage up to today in many aspects of the human life like cooking and many other. Though in the form of animal skin, clothing was an invention of the early man and later perfected in the modern technology era.

It was actually during the Neolithic or rather new stone age that stone axes were produced that technology begun to pick up fast. The stone axes aided in clearance of forest trees and setting up of farms. Food availability at this point improved man’s livelihood and as a result reproduction and increase in population took place. The resulting growth in population resulted into specialization of labor and before long metal came into use which later resulted into the introduction of wheels by humans. From the wheels then came the energy and transportation. Wheels was used in the production of energy by being used as a transformer and is also responsible for the nonhuman power source. The wheels also revolutionized transportation and pottery making. It is in the twentieth century that appropriate technology was introduced with what has been a close to perfection to the world of technology.

Science, engineering and technology.

Basically it is correct to state that science and engineering gave birth to technology. Engineering involves the designing of tools so as to exploit science objects. Engineers and scientists can actually both be referred to as technologists because all their research and reference are similar with some analysts still insisting that technology is simply a result of science.

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